(NEW) Cafe de Paris Singapore: The Famous & Popular Korea Dessert Café with Over the Top Bons Bons Comes to Somerset 313 on 22nd October 2017

Cafe de Paris Singapore...

Singapore is a great city to live in and I’m really proud to be a Singaporean. Besides being a very safe country to stay in, Singapore is essentially a food paradise. We have so many different types of cuisine to choose from and many overseas businesses are increasingly venturing into the Singapore market. Café de Paris, more known to be a popular dessert café in Korea will be opening their first outlet in Singapore on 22nd October 2017 at Somerset 313. You can expect to see their signature over the top Bons Bons (all fruits are freshly flown from South Korea) as well as an extensive range of cakes, pastries, coffees, teas and cold-pressed juices (exclusively in Singapore). So, mark your calendar and invite all your friends for a relaxing afternoon tea at Café de Paris Singapore!

Here are the super Instagrammable Bons Bons from Café de Paris Singapore. Fruits are all freshly flown from South Korea and the drinks are only available based on the seasonality of the fruits. I can’t wait for their Cherry Blossom Bons Bons which will be available during the Cherry Blossom season (next year March-April)! 진짜예뻐요!

I also got to see the talented creator from Korea making the drinks for us! Handsome oppa for the ladies! 

The chocolate-brownie Bon Bon looks so delicious! Bons Bons usually comes with cream and smoothie. The cream was not overly sweet or jelat. Also, it is a huge cup! I had a hard time finishing it alone. Probably need to share among 3-4 people!

They are super refreshing and fruits were really sweet. The owner emphasizes on getting the finest and freshest fruits for the public!

It’s so hard to pick a favourite! Let me know which one you like!!! 

Like what I’ve said earlier, other than their signature Bons Bons, they also serve an extensive range of cakes, pastries, coffees, teas and cold-pressed juices. It’s a new hangout place to chill for a great afternoon tea break! This dessert house is definitely the perfect place to take photos and selfies! 

Strawberry Shortcake // $8.50
The cake was light with a strong vanilla flavour. Cream was not too sweet as well. 

New York Cheesecake // $8.50
Cheese was really rich and strong in flavour but not too overpowering. This was one of the crowd’s favourite. Crust was well-baked too. 

Rose // $8.50
This will definitely be very popular among the ladies! Raspberry and Lychee was well-balanced and complemented one another very well. It has a subtle floral ending. Not too bad but I would very much prefer a more non-floral cake. 

Earl Grey Lavender // $8.50
The cake has a subtle earl grey lavender aroma which diffuses into the mouth when you take a bite. Don’t have an artificial taste and the cake was really moist. 

Chocolate Raspberry Dome // $8.80
The chocolate and raspberry combination was good, with the raspberry hitting you first when you take a bite and ending off with a rich chocolate aroma which lingers in the mouth.

Yuzu Mango // $8.80
This was one of my favourite pastries at Café de Paris Singapore! Yuzu-Mango flavour was really light and refreshing, and I really liked the jello-texture of the pastries! I can totally eat two of this on my own! Very addictive!

Chocolate-lovers will fall in love with this instantly! It was rich and moist, and why is the chocolate crunch in the middle so good?

Matcha // $8.50
This was my favourite of all! Not because I’m a hard-core Matcha fan, this slice of Matcha cake was really heavenly, one of the nicest I’ve tried so far in my life. Matcha flavour was strong but not too overpowering. I also liked the matcha powder on top of the cake which had a subtle bitter aftertaste. If you aren’t into Matcha, you might like this because it is light and very addictive! This cake was so good I had to bring one slice home. Highly recommended and I’m definitely coming back for this again!

The café also serves really nice coffee. I would suggest that you give the Cold Brew a try! Not too acidic or alkaline! Soothing and easy to drink!

They also offer premium teas! No doubt an amazing place for a tea break to relive stress! So, remember to head down to Cafe de Paris Singapore on 22nd October 2017 at Somerset 313, Basement 2!

Nearest Mrt Station: Somerset
Location: 313 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238895
What To Order: Bons Bons, Cakes & Pastries
Café Rating: 4/5
Food Ratings: 8.5/10

Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)

(New) Kyuu by Shunsui: 10 Course Omakase Experience At Only $129++

Kyuu by Shunsui...

I’m starting to take a liking to Omakase after my recent experience at the new modern Japanese restaurant, Kyuu by Shunsui. In the past, I’ve never wanted to try Omakase because it’s an expensive affair and usually the meal can also dragged for about a few hours. As I grow up, I began to realise that Omakase is the best time to relax and reward yourself with a curated meal. Moreover, you will never know what the Japanese chef will surprise you with since the dishes are mostly dependant on seasonal ingredients and your dietary preferences. So, it’s really fine to treat yourself to an Omakase experience once in awhile.

If you are looking for a reasonably-priced Japanese restaurant for Omakase, you might want to check out Kyuu by Shunsui because they are currently offering a 10 course Omakase at only $129++. Not only will you be walking away with a very satisfied & filling stomach, you will also remember the cute interaction you might have with the chefs and staffs. Seriously, you need to check them out!

Not only was the Omakase experience very pleasing to the eyes (you get to see the chef’s cutting and cooking abilities), all the dishes were very pleasurable to the taste buds. I left the restaurant with an exploding tummy. 

1) 3 Kinds Appetizer
Red Snapper And Japanese Ginger With Sumiso (Mixture Of Vinegar And Miso)

Home Made Sesame Tofu Covered With Starchy Sauce And Wasabi

Soft Simmered Duck Topped With Home Made Miso 

Kyuu by Shunsui already impressed me with the very first dish which I finished in no time. The tofu was so soft and melty, and it complemented very well with the punchy wasabi sauce. Duck was tender and flavourful. The Red Snapper was sweet and refreshing.

2) Assorted Sashimi
Tuna Fatty Belly, Red Snapper, Salmon, Sea Urchin, Yellow Tail, Red Shrimp, Scallop, Salmon Roe

A whole platter full of fresh sashimi for you to enjoy. This has to be the best dish for sashimi-lovers! All you have to do is to dip it with soy sauce and wasabi. My life's complete! 

3) Charcoal Grill
Egg Plant With Sweet Red Miso

Tuna Belly With Truffle Ponzu Sauce

Big Size Prawn With Wasabi Sauce

King Crab With Vinegar And Sudachi Lime

Fruits Tomato With Setouchi Salt

Kagoshima A4 Wagyu Beef Aitchbone With Red Miso Fond De Veau

Egg plant was well-cooked with a soft texture. The red miso sauce wasn’t too sweet and it paired well with the egg plant. Sesame seeds also enhanced the aroma and flavour of the egg plant.

Tuna with Truffle? How can I not like it? Tuna was fresh and the truffle smell was just so alluring.

Prawn was well-grilled, fresh, sweet and very crunchy! Best to eat it without dipping the sauce! 

Tomato was explosively sweet (really explodes when you cut it) and very sweet. Simple but amazing! 

King Crab was really fresh (very easy to remove the meat from the shell) and very fresh. Drizzle some lime to enhance the flavour!

The Omakase just gets better and better! Beef was cooked to perfection. It was tender, flavourful and juicy. Honestly, I don’t mind having another plate of it!

4) Rice Dish
Hokkaido Rice Nanatsuboshi Covered With Salmon Roe

Miso Soup With Fresh Nori Seaweed

More! More! More! Don’t want to spoil your surprise but you need to video this segment down! Very generous portion of salmon roe. By the way, you get to choose between small, medium and large. I went for the small because my stomach was really going to explode. Go for the large one if you are still hungry but I highly doubt so!

5) Dessert
Home Made Ice Cream

Ending off the meal with my favourite Matcha Ice Cream with Azuki Beans! The ice cream changes every now and then, and is largely dependent on what the chefs make! 

Nearest Mrt Station: Chinatown
Location: 29 Keong Saik Rd, Singapore 089136
What To Order: Omakase
Restaurant Rating: 4/5
Food Ratings: 8/10

Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)

(New) Pince & Pints: Quintessential Lobster Bar & Seafood Restaurant Opens New Outlet at Katong

Pince & Pints...

Dubbed as one of the best lobster places in Singapore, Pince & Pints which is well-known for its trendy lobster dishes will be opening their third outlet at Katong (across from Katong i12) on 16th October 2017. This was my first time at Pince & Pints and I can already foresee myself returning a few more times with my loved ones. Food definitely exceeded my expectations – the Atlantic air-flown wild-caught lobsters were really fresh and sweet, and the lobster dishes were all well-executed.

The laid-back and cosy environment of the new outlet also makes the whole dining experience a memorable one. Personally, I feel that it’s the perfect place for a first date as well as a family gathering. So, mark your calendar because the lobster feast is going to start next week! I can't wait!

Other than their signature lobster dishes, I was pleasantly surprised by their Mac & Cheese which made my heart fluttered. The in-house drinks were also very impressive! Overall, my tummy was more than satisfied. Can't wait for my next visit!

Who Moved My Chendol // $20
The chendol flavour was really strong and aromatic. Definitely a drink I need on a hot weather. Gives you immediate sugar rush (don’t worry, not too sweet)! Life-saver indeed!

Mixed Platter // $32
This platter is really very value-for-money, especially if you are eating with a large group of people. It consists of Crispy Fried Fish Skin (so damn addictive), Fried Calamari (well-battered), Garlic Butter Mussels (flavourful and sweet), generous servings of Straight-cut Fries, Chargrilled Bread and Tartar Sauce. What I liked about the fried food is that they are also not too oily. Highly recommended to get this platter!

Live Oysters // $30
The oysters here are fresh, huge and succulent. Slurping good! 

Lobster Mac & Cheese // $29
Not kidding but this was one of the best Mac & Cheese I’ve tasted in Singapore so far! The cheese flavour was strong but not too overpowering (and just looking at how gooey the cheese is) Pasta was well-cooked, not too soft or too tough. Overall, the dish was very well-executed! So well-executed that even though I’m not a huge fan of cheese, I finished it all!

The Truffle Roll // $68
OMG! The truffle smell was so alluring that my mouth was literally salivating when the server put it on my table. Truffle caviar definitely went well with the lobster meat as well as the roll. Drizzle some butter sauce onto the roll for maximum pleasure! I was legit awed by this dish! A must-try!

Live Whole Lobster // $58
How can anyone not like this? I mean the lobsters are fresh, well-grilled and has a nice sweet finish. It was really easy to get the meat out of the shell (that means the lobsters are super fresh). Fries were well-seasoned as well.

Chilli Lobster // $58
The sauce was flavourful, and it was more sweet than spicy to me. If you can’t take spicy, this dish will appeal to you but I would have very much preferred it to be a little spicier and less watery. Other than that, the lobsters were no doubt delectable. Mantou was crispy too.

Nearest Mrt Station: Aljunied
Location: 95 East Coast Road, Singapore 428793 
What To Order: Mixed Platter, Mac and Cheese, Live Lobster, and Truffle Roll
Restaurant Rating: 4.5/5
Food Ratings: 9/10

Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)

Alfero Gelato: Neighbourhood Dessert Café with 96% FAT FREE Ice Cream

Alfero Gelato...

I’m always envious of people staying near a dessert café in their neighbourhood, especially an ice cream shop. It is so convenient and you can literally have it anytime you want (except when the shop is closed). Situated in the Macpherson neighbourhood, Alfero Gelato is an award-winning ice cream parlour that uses the finest quality ingredients from Italy. Additionally, the ice creams here are 96% FAT FREE, and that means you can eat more without feeling conscious about your weight.

Also, the staffs (two old ladies) are super friendly and it really makes your trip to the ice cream parlour very worthwhile. So, anytime you have an ice cream craving, you should know where to go now! 

It feels so good to have so many different flavoured ice cream and you know they are 96% Fat Free! I don't feel guilty at all!

Durian Gelato with Cone // $5.30
Sorry, I don’t take Durian at all but all my friends that tried this that day really liked it. Durian’s aroma was really strong. Let me know what you think! By the way, they use D24 to make the gelato!

Banana Passionfruit, Mango Sorbet & Coconut Sorbet // $4.50 each
The coconut and mango sorbet was really rich, refreshing and strong in flavour. Personally, the coconut sorbet caught my attention because of its aroma and aftertaste. Banana Passionfruit was surprisingly good, and both flavours complemented one another very well. 

Dark Chocolate and Hokkaido Milk Gelato with Brownie // $8
The brownie was simple, not very fanciful and has a homely taste. It was also soft and moist. The Dark Chocolate stood out more for me because it was rich and very creamy. But it definitely paired well with the Hokkaido Milk Gelato. P/s: I’m not a milk person.

Pistachio, Bacio and Avocado Gelato with Waffle // $12
Waffle was a little weak here for me (I prefer crispy and buttery kind of waffles) unless you like eggy and fluffy waffles. Ice cream was really yummy, especially the avocado and pistachio. They were so addictive that I’ve to force myself to stop eating! The auntie is also so nice to draw such cute pictures and texts on the plate!

Nearest Station: Paya Lebar
Location: #01-37, 81 Macpherson Ln, Singapore 360081
What To Order: Ice Cream
Café Rating: 3/5
Food Ratings: 7.5/10

Written by: Yong Wei Kai (Follow me on Instagram @yongweikai or @sgcafehopping)
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